Why Singapore?

Singapore has been dubbed as a nation, which is able to keep astride with the rest of the world, in terms of science, technology and innovation.  Having the best international airport, airline and the busiest port in the world, it goes to show the world-class standards and achievements of Singapore.

A true regional hub

A society that encourages all races and denominations to enjoy its clean and secure environment, Singapore is known for its 3 major hubs: Tourism, Education and Medical.  International visitors here can seek a wide range of help, from marketing a product to handling the needs of medical care. Being a multi-faceted regional medical hub, not only for healthcare services but also as a meeting place for medical professionals for conferences and training, as a base for healthcare consultancy and operations management, and as the centre for research and clinical trials. 

Service excellence in medical care

The clinical services here in Singapore emphasize excellence, safety and trustworthiness, with internationally-accredited facilities and renowned physicians trained in the best centers in the world.  With the growing concern and awareness for healthcare in the region has increased, patients are seeking affordability and top-notch medical services, that would assure them world-class treatment and good clinical outcome.  

Recognized medical care

Singapore’s Ministry of Health only recognizes practitioners with medical degrees awarded from internationally renowned universities and institutions.  At the tertiary level, the government has also been encouraging greater partnership between local institutions of advanced learning and top learning centers globally.   

Locating the right specialist

Singapore aims to be a one-stop healthcare centre for those requiring specific specialized medical attention.  With the abundance of medical care providers in the country, one must look for a provider that best suits a patient’s needs.  In the past time, patients had to consult a General Practitioner (GP) for recommendation to a specialist care.  Today, specialist care is easier to access because of the Internet.  Many local hospitals and clinics have websites which provide patients with information and advice about their panel of doctors/specialists, facilities and services.

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