Getting to Singapore

As Singapore holds recognition of being a multi-cultural country, the Changi International Airport is connected to some 180 cities around the world, making the island-state highly accessible.  The two terminals at the Changi International airport have the most hi-tech facilities, which include a Skytrain that shuttles between the three terminals. Singapore's airport has 24-hour moneychangers, medical services and pharmacies, postal and telecommunication services, boutiques, salons and more.  It caters to a wide audience and tourist would be able to entertain themselves, while waiting for their arrival/departure flight.  

The Singapore International Airlines

Being internationally acclaimed for its influence in technology and science, Singapore has its very own airline that has a strong presence the South East Asia market.  The Singapore International Airline (SIA) was the launch customer of the “superjumbo” Airbus A380.  International visitors can enjoy excellent services while on board SIA and are assured to be well taken care of.  There are 3 different cabins passengers can choose from.  There is the Singapore Airlines Suites, the New Business Class and the New Economy Class.  Each of the cabins has special privileges of their own to experience.  During the course of the journey, there is KrisWorld to entertain you.  Passengers can watch the latest movies and TV programmes, listen to music or play interactive games on it and this in-flight entertainment system with over 1,000 on-demand options. Even business is a pleasure, with in-seat power supply and USB ports.

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