Causes of Piles :

Ageing - Older people are prone to piles due to wear and tear, as well as the degeneration of rectum and anus tissues.

Pregnancy - Symptomatic haemorrhoids are common during pregnancy as the expanding uterus pushes against and puts pressure on the anal cushions. 

Sitting on the toilet bowl for extended periods - Reading and playing mobile games while sitting on the toilet bowl prolongs the time spent in the toilet and results in straining and symptomatic haemorrhoids.

Squatting - Avoid using squat toilets as the squatting position is injurious to piles.

Constipation - Constipation is commonly caused by overconsumption of fruits, vegetables and other foods containing high dietary fibre that are indigestible by the body. Contrary to popular belief, dietary fibre does not improve constipation but instead increases faecal bulk and volume, which aggravate the haemorrhoids and cause excessive straining when passing motion.

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