Woffles Wu Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Centre
Dr Woffles Wu
Plastic Surgeon
MBBS (Singapore)
FRCS (Edinburgh)
FRCS (Glasgow)
FAMS (Plastic Surgergy) (Singapore)
Plastic Surgeon
MBBS (Singapore)
FRCS (Edin)
FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
1 Orchard Boulevard,
Camden Medical Centre #09-02
Singapore 248649
Tel : (65) 6733 9771
Fax : (65) 6733 2820
Dr Wu, a craniofacial surgeon by training, conceptualised and evolved the four pillars of NSFR with his 4R Principle: “RELAX, RESTORE, RESURFACE and REDRAPE”. He RELAXES key muscles of the face that create negative lines with the use of Botox, RESTORES the volume lost from the face by ageing using synthetic fillers and RESURFACES the skin envelope with the use of Intense Pulsed Light(IPL), non ablative lasers and Radiofrequency. He finally REDRAPES the facial and neck skin using a unique non surgical technique he invented that injects several lines of self retaining barbed threads into the face and out through the scalp elevating the sagging tissues in a more natural, upward direction.
Dr Wu is an Advanced Botox trainer for the Asia Pacific region and is constantly training physicians worldwide his techniques of Botox Browlifting, Facialsculpting and Chin rejuvenation and how to incorporate the use of BOTOX at all levels of Facial rejuvenation, with or without surgery. With over a hundred television and magazine appearances throughout Asia, India, Australia and the USA, Dr Wu’s name is synonymous with the word Botox and he is acclaimed by many as the Botox King of Asia. “ Nobody taught me how to use it. I started analysing the complex facial movements we have and relating them to the anatomical studies I had performed in my residency,” says Dr Wu, “this gave me the confidence to accurately deliver the Botox to the target muscles so that I could create a variety of appearances and different nuances of rejuvenation from what other injectors were achieving.”
Dr Wu has also refined the art of breast augmentation surgery by introducing a simple technique he developed called the WW Stealth (Invisible) Incision. This is a zig zag incision placed at the areola rim of the patients nipple that allows the breast implant to be inserted with virtually no scarring at all, a significant improvement over the sometimes unpredictable scarring that can occur in the traditional breast or armpit crease incisions. A significant part of his busy practice at Camden Medical Centre, off swanky Orchard Boulevard in Singapore consists of Aesthetic Breast Surgery and Body contouring Liposculpture
In 1987, Dr Wu worked under Cleft Palate surgeon, Prof ST Lee in Singapore and has remained firm friends with his mentor ever since, crediting him with the early spark and guiding hand in his career. A breakthrough came in 1990 when Dr Wu won the Young Surgeon of the Year Award for his groundbreaking research on Nasal Anatomy, discovering a new vascular distribution that allows more radical yet safer surgery on the nose. That same year he was awarded the SEAMIC scholarship that enabled him to visit and study under distinguished Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgeons in Thailand, the Philippines and Japan, including a period with Prof. Onizuka in Tokyo. He has operated with luminaries of the craniofacial arena such as Ian Jackson, Joe Gruss, Jeff Marsh, David David, Francoise Firmin and Paul Tessier whom he counts as a friend and tremendous influence on his early career.
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