Getting Around Singapore
Getting around Singapore
Getting around Singapore is easy, as the island is small and the infrastructure is well-developed.
Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
Transport and accessibility within the country is equally easy and convenient. There is the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) that is the backbone of Singapore’s transport system, spanning the entire city-state. The MRT has 79 stations in operation and the stations are either above or underground. As the MRT is usually packed with commuters during the peak hours in the morning, afternoon and evening, there are taxis and buses available to aid in transportation.
Singapore Taxi Cab
Taking a cab would be a faster and efficient way around the country. Singapore’s taxi stands can be located outside shopping malls and hotels. The taxis charge reasonable fare but during the peak hours, extra charge would be added.
Singapore Bus Service (SBS)
The Singapore Bus Services (SBS) is extremely frequent and widespread. SBS Transit operates many different types of bus routes and bus services, taking up the majority of the pie of Singapore's duopoly bus system in almost all areas of Singapore.
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