Common Pains
Common pains Neck pain and low back pain are the most common forms of musculoskeletal disorders. Four out of five people will experience neck pain and back pain in their lives. The causes are usually muscle-related, such as sprains or spasms, and can be multi-factorial. It can be due to bad posture, body habitus, poor workplace ergonomics, spinal injury during an accident, spinal degeneration or genes. In older people, neck pain and back pain can be caused by degeneration of the spine (such as facet joint arthritis, bone spurs, slipped or torn intervertebral disc). There are many causes for chronic neck pain and back pain. Those caused by muscle spasm and/or tightness are preventable, while the type caused by ageing and spine degeneration are not reversible. With greater use of computers and mobile devices, younger people are suffering from these kinds of pain.
Chronic vs regular pain Regular aches and pain are often due to over-exertion or over-use of certain muscle groups. Rest and simple oral analgesia usually resolve them. For example, if a worker sprained or strained his back from lifting heavy objects, his pain would persist if he continues working without giving his body time to rest and heal. Pain becomes chronic when there is an underlying cause that is not addressed.
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